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LA ALHAMBRA in English

Written by Manuel Mateo Pérez

Illustrated by Aixa Portero

Includes gift box and bookmark

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La Alhambra, agua, poesía y cielo

El escritor y editor Manuel Mateo Pérez y la artista Aixa Portero de la Torre recorren el conjunto monumental granadino, síntesis de la alta cultura hispanomusulmana

Data sheet

Title La Alhambra In English
Authors Manuel Mateo Pérez (Writer), Aixa Portero (Illustrator)
Number of pages 240
Hardcover book bound in organic cotton fabric dyed with natural dyes. Cases with 224 pages of 100 gram art paper, ideal for calligraphy with all types of writing utensils, plus a 16-page booklet on 200 gram extra-white paper for sketches and drawings, resistant to water-based painting techniques.
Measures 205 x 130 mm
ISBN 978-84126361-3-0
Primera edición
Julio de 2023 PVP 29,90€

Manuel Mateo Pérez and artist Aixa Portero explore the historical monument, a reality of water, poetry and sky

The Alhambra, one of the most spectacular heritage sites in the world, was home to the rulers of the last Hispano-Islamic dynasty. Twenty-four sultans reigned over the kingdom of Granada before its conquest by the Catholic Monarchs. Water is the lifeblood of this monumental palace complex, a source of inspiration for artists, poets and musicians over the centuries, and a must-see destination for the travellers of the Romantic Age. Its walls are inscribed with the questions and answers of a place of universal significance, a place whose endless beauty and modernity continue to surprise us today.

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The Authors of La Alhambra In English

Manuel Mateo Pérez (texts)

—Born La Carolina, 1970—

He is a writer and editor. Author of travel books and essays. He has directed numerous editorial and cultural projects, and is passionate about art, history, escape and thought. He is the author of three volumes of Tintablanca: Úbeda, Jaén and La Alhambra.

Aixa Portero (illustrations)

—Born Málaga, 1975— 

She is an artist and professor of Fine Arts at the University of Granada. His works are in large collections and he has participated in important international exhibitions.

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