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JEREZ in English

Written by María José Solano

Illustrated by Miki Leal

Includes gift box and bookmark

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Jerez, la ciudad que creó el flamenco, alimentó al caballo y elaboró el mejor vino

La escritora María José Solano y el artista Miki Leal viajan a Jerez, la ciudad literaria y monumental, síntesis del flamenco, el caballo y el universo del vino

Data sheet

Title Jerez In English
Authors María José Solano (Writer), Miki Leal (Illustrator)
Hardcover book bound in organic cotton fabric dyed with natural dyes. Cases with 224 pages of 100 gram art paper, ideal for calligraphy with all types of writing utensils, plus a 16-page booklet on 200 gram extra-white paper for sketches and drawings, resistant to water-based painting techniques.
Measures 205 x 130 mm
ISBN 978-84126361-8-5
Primera edición
Septiembre de 2023 PVP 29,90€

María José Solano and artist Miki Leal travel to Jerez, a city of literature and monuments, a synthesis of flamenco, horses and the world of wine.

Jerez is the city of flamenco, horses and wine. Above and beyond that cultural and Dionysian triad, however, the largest city in the province of Cádiz contains a rich history and a literary trail that can be traced back to the great Romantic travellers who came here during the 18th and 19th centuries. Its historic neighbourhoods and quarters, each different from the next, thrust up the bell towers and spires of their churches – and the memory of their ancient mosques – into the Cádiz sky. The town is surrounded by vineyards where seasoned vines take root, and its bodegas – dark and silent as cathedrals – are full of the promise of conversation and joy for what their casks contain.

The Authors of Jerez In English

María José Solano (texts)

—Born Seville, 1975—
Art historian, writer, editor and co-founder of the literary portal zendalibros.com. A lecturer on the faculty of the Master’s Degree
in Art and Communication at Nebrija University, she writes articles for ABC and co-directs the Zenda-Edhasa classics publishing house.

Miki Leal (illustrations)

—Born Seville, 1974—
Spanish painter and artist of international renown. Leal is one of the promoters of the Nave Oporto project, an influential multidisciplinary studio in Madrid. His paintings are included in prestigious Spanish and foreign collections and institutions.

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