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BARCELONA in English

Written by Carlos Zanón

Illustrated by Lara Costafreda

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Barcelona, viaje a la capital de la modernidad

El escritor Carlos Zanón y la ilustradora Lara Costafreda convierten la ciudad condal en un territorio literario llena de alma, arte y modernidad

Data sheet

Title Barcelona In English
Authors Carlos Zanón (Writer), Lara Costafreda (Illustrator)
Hardcover book bound in organic cotton fabric dyed with natural dyes. Cases with 224 pages of 100 gram art paper, ideal for calligraphy with all types of writing utensils, plus a 16-page booklet on 200 gram extra-white paper for sketches and drawings, resistant to water-based painting techniques.
Measures 205 x 130 mm
Primera edición
Febrero de 2024 PVP 29,90€

Carlos Zanón and Lara Costafreda take us on a personal, unique, and impassioned journey through the streets of the Catalan capital.

Leading us up and down Las Ramblas, from the heights of Montjuïc to the fading evening light of the Gothic Quarter, the book also touches on the novels and writers that have described Barcelona, the legacy of Antoni Gaudí, the elusive perspective of Pepe Carvalho, and the author’s lost memories in his home district of Horta-Guinardó. Zanón paints an intimate portrait of the city while artist Lara Costafreda illustrates the human, cosmopolitan side of a mixed-heritage, cultured, contradictory capital that exudes an air of perpetual change.

«You can’t get angry with Barcelona for long because all of the good and bad that she does is done without deliberate intent. Nervous, electrifying, skittish, a rascal, a pyromaniac, addicted to the romanticism of the literary salon, the Wagnerian epic, and the endless melodrama of the bourgeois novel.»

The Authors of Barcelona In English

Carlos Zanón (texts)

—Born Barcelona, 1966— 

Was born, lives, and will most probably one day die in Barcelona. On the rare occasions that he dreams of escaping the Catalan capital, he imagines Ireland, a pub, and Maureen O’Hara.

Lara Costafreda (illustrations)

—Born Llardecans (Lleida), 1988—

Internationally renowned illustrator. She has lived in Barcelona for ten years, and has initiated several communication projects designed to welcome migrants and refugees.

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